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Enterprise Print Spooling Solution for Up to 450 Users and 150 Output Devices
The dedicated print appliance ISD400 Intelligent Spooling Device provides for the high availability of all printing services by taking over the complete print spooling function in a network printing environment.

The ISD400

ISD400 is a full-blown, IPv6-enabled enterprise spooling solution with a 19 inch casing and a large set of value-added features.

Depending on the existing infrastructure ISD400 manages up to 450 users and 150 printers. On top of that, there is still enough capacity to store voluminous print jobs (e.g. large format print jobs generated with RIP software), much used forms and documents etc.

Also available as ISD410 with RAID system for extra reliability!

Easy Printer Driver Management

With ISD appliances you do not have to worry about printer driver management: Simply store all required printer drivers to the ISD! With the Point-and-Print functionality by Microsoft for central printer driver management they will be uploaded from there to each workstation – without any manual printer driver installation!

Just manage printer driver settings (e.g. duplex, paper trays) centrally and distribute drivers via the ISD. Your field staff does not need to install any printer drivers when visiting a branch office – they can simply start to print! And: We are also supporting the UPD from HP!

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ISD as ThinPrint Gateway

ISD appliances can function as ThinPrint Gateways, too. They receive ThinPrint compressed and bandwidth-optimised print data from the print server and decompress this data in the local network. The decompressed data is then sent in its original form to the available print servers in the LAN. As ThinPrint Gateways the ISD appliances also support valuable ThinPrint features such as AutoConnect and are compatible with the ThinPrint Output Gateway.

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