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Spool Servers

Why Utilise Print Spool Appliances?
Offloading print services from the general purpose server onto specialised print appliances enhances the availability of network printing services. Appliances concentrate on one single task. That is why they are more stable than complex server architectures.
SEH ISD Intelligent Spooling Devices

The ISD Intelligent Spooling Devices are SEH’s network spooling solution with a strong focus on cost-saving and user-friendlyness. They provide the efficient spooling of all print jobs and the management of all available printers as print queues in any network where print job spooling is otherwise managed by central servers.

On top of this, ISD appliances are extremely cost-efficient and energy-saving:

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  • No extra hardware costs for mouse, keyboard, monitor etc.
  • No extra software costs for licenses, free updates
  • Minimum maintenance, maximum system stability, and highest availability of print services
  • No specially trained staff required
Easy Printer Driver Management

With ISD appliances you do not have to worry about printer driver management: Simply store all required printer drivers to the ISD.

With the Point-and-Print functionality by Microsoft for central printer driver management they will be uploaded from there to each workstation – without any manual printer driver installation. Just manage printer driver settings (e.g. duplex, paper trays) centrally and distribute drivers via the ISD. Your field staff does not need to install any printer drivers when visiting a branch office – they can simply start to print! And: We are also supporting the UPD from HP!

ISD as ThinPrint Gateway
ISD appliances can function as ThinPrint Gateways, too. They receive ThinPrint compressed and bandwidth-optimised print data from the .print server and decompress this data in the local network. The decompressed data is then sent in its original form to the available print servers in the LAN. As ThinPrint Gateways the ISD appliances also support valuable ThinPrint features such as AutoConnect and are compatible with the ThinPrint Output Gateway.
Two Product Lines
Two ISD product lines offer scalable network spooling solutions for every network printing environment: While the tried and proven product line ISD300 has been designed as compact appliance for workgroups, small branch offices etc. and for the operation outside of the server rack, ISD400 is a full-blown enterprise spooling solution.

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