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PS26 Print Server

The PS26 is a combined Ethernet/fibre optic network interface card for Hewlett Packard output devices, connecting all HP printers and MFP with EIO to 10BaseT/100BaseTX Ethernet networks (RJ45 connector) as well as to eavesdropping secure 100BaseFX fibre networks (SC connector).

It is the first IPv6-enabled fibre optic print server worldwide.

FTTD Secure Printing Solution

The eavesdropping-secure fibre optic connection leads right up to the printer (fibre-to-the-desk/FTTD). Additional security is provided by several complementary security features, e.g. encryption, authentication, access control, and more..

PS26 is a cost-effective alternative to corresponding HP JetDirect cards and perfectly adapted to all HP software administration tools: HP WebJetadmin, HP Openview, Embedded Web Server (EWS) etc.

For all common operating systems: Windows, Apple, Novell, Linux.

Security: Encryption, Authentication, Access Control, and more..

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