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myUTN-150 Device Server

The Network All-Rounder

The myUTN-150 device server is our latest addition to the myUTN USB device server series. It is a true all-rounder for using USB devices across the network.

The myUTN-150 is a “plug & play” device: As soon as it is attached to the network you can manage all connected USB devices transparently via the UTN Manager software – just as if they were locally attached.

In addition the myUTN-150 device server is equipped with many functions for using your USB devices easily across the network – location-independent and independent of USB cable lengths!

Highest Flexibility with Maximum Security
A highlight of the new USB device server is its VLAN ability. This feature allows you to assign a unique IP address to each USB port. In this way you can define discrete networks for departments or work groups – flexibly and completely location-independent!
With myUTN-150 you have complete control over the three integrated USB interfaces and the attached USB devices. Simply deactivate individual ports or allow individual users to access a certain port via port key control. Use the notification function to receive status reports about the attached USB devices via e-mail or SNMP trap. You will immediately be notified if a USB device is pulled off. You can also use this feature for remote maintenance of your myUTN-150 device server.
The myUTN-150 comes with many security features. In addition to the secure point-to-point connection myUTN-150 enables you to limit access to USB device types defined by you.
Benefit from
Virtual USB cable extension via the network for the flexible and location-independent utilization of USB devices Access the attached USB devices can be regulated and limited to special USB devices or device types Centralized access to each USB port allows you to activate and deactivate the attached devices Notification function via e-mail or SNMP trap

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