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Simplify Your Email Signatures

Exclaimer is a powerful tool to sync one signature design across all of your staff – while giving you the freedom to quickly make changes to your entire teams signature in a few clicks.

Simple Signature Editor

With Exclaimer signatures, you can enjoy a simple to use editor which allows you do add text, images, gifs, and labels to your signatures. The editor allows you to quickly update and move assets around to suit your exact design specifications.

The editor makes it easy to create clean, modern signature designs with tools such as image snapping, alignment guides, and automatic sizing.

Integration with Microsoft 365

Exclaimer allows for easy integration with Microsoft 365 emails, allowing for all of your user data to be controlled from the account you already have. Exclaimer will use the name, job title, availability, and locations, among many more data fields to fill each signature individually. There is no need to have to make changes for every user.

By using Exclaimer, you can remove the need to copy & paste your signature manually into Outlook every time you make a change.

Receive Analytics

By setting up the analytics dashboard, you can view and monitor which if your staff send the most amount of emails, as well as have recipients rate their satisfaction with the sender.

You can manage your team with even more accuracy, and encourage staff to send more emails to your customers, and see who is generating the best results.

Simple Seasonal Signatures

Since Exclaimer can sync signatures across all users so easily, you are able to push seasonal or advertising campaign signatures out to users with no trouble at all. Simply create a new signature on the easy to use editor, title it something memorable such as ‘Holidays 2024’ and customise as you need.

When you have finished, it is as simple as selecting all users and applying. Your team can now sport a seasonal signature for the holidays.

What is Email Signature Management?

User signature management enables you to streamline and sync your new signature across all of your team member’s devices. By utilising an email signature manager, you can easy manage who has access, and remove the unnecessary process of manually adding in a signature for every device.

Server-Side Email Signatures

With Exclaimer, your signatures are handled in the cloud. Every email that you send will automatically be assigned the same signature, no matter which device you are on enabling a professional look to your emails, every time.

Server-side email signatures allow you to forget about the old way of managing signature via Outlook. You can disable it entirely, and know that you will always have the most up to date version applied for every email you and your team send.

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